Our  guests with accessibility and sensory needs are very welcome. The Strathmore has an easily accessible ramp access and a lift to take you to the first floor. We don’t have our own car parking, but there are several car parks nearby with accessible parking spots.


The Strathmore is directly across from the Adelaide Railway Station. You can expect a lot of people walking by on the sidewalks as you enter. There are tables out the front of the venues where people sit and eat and drink.

This is what the entrance looks like:

Café One2Nine

You have to go up to the bar to order food and pay, then the food will be brought out to you. When you order a drink it will usually be poured for you then. There is stair and elevator access to the second floor, but only stair access to the garden bar. The Ground Floor and the First Floor both have disabled toilets.

The main downstairs area has a lot of sensory output.
There are usually a lot of people in the space, and the talking gets very loud.
There is music playing softly, which you can change via CrowdDJ™
During the day, there is mostly natural light from the front of the venue, medium-sized windows, and the garden bar. There are dim overhead lights on the ceiling.
There are several TVs playing sport. You generally can’t hear any sound from them.
This is what the Café One Two Nine area looks like:
If you sit next to the bar you will hear
– Drinks being poured.
– The till being opened and closed.
– Ice being put into drinks.
– Plates being picked up and put down.

There is a table near the kitchen, if you sit here you will hear
– Kitchen machines vibrating
– Dishes clattering.
There are also bright fluorescent lights in the kitchen area.


This is a moderately quiet area. The noise from Café One Two Nine is very muffled and barely noticeable. There is a speaker directly above one of the tables, which plays music at a moderate volume.

In this area there is:
– Natural light from outside
– Small, circular overhead lights.
– There are also string lights hanging above the exposed area, but they were not turned on during the day.

There is a fireplace in the middle of the brick wall.
There is a TV playing sport only on one side of the wall. There was no sound coming from the TV.

This is what the garden bar looks like:


 This first floor area is fully accessible by lift and has a disabled toilet.

The Verandah bar and dining area is an open-plan space.
There is natural light during the day from the alfresco area, and circular overhead lights. There is a fireplace in the bar area.

You will probably be able to hear sounds from downstairs but muffled. You will also be able to hear people on the Verandah. Sounds from the street will not be that noticeable.
If you sit next to the kitchen:

  • You will see the bright fluorescent lights of this area
  • You will hear food being prepared.
  • You may be able to smell food.

There are medium-sized hanging lights in the dining area.

This is what the Verandah dining area looks like:


Next to the Verandah bar there is a function room. There are two sets of doors to the function room, and both can be closed or left open. The doors are opaque, so you can’t see out.

When doors are left open, there is natural light from the surrounding areas. When doors are closed, there is no natural light. There are small circular overhead lights.

There are speakers and a projector on a ceiling.

This is what the function room looks like:


There is abundant natural light during the day. There are also soft string lights overhead. There are umbrellas on some of the tables and a retractable roof.

You can hear the music and talking from downstairs but very muffled. You will hear talking from the Verandah bar and dining, but there isn’t usually many people during the day. If you sit next to the bar you will hear:

  • Drinks being poured,
  • The till being opened and closed
  • Ice being put into drinks
  • Plates being picked up and put down.

You can hear many of the sounds of the street, such as: trams, traffic lights, cars, people walking past and occasionally ambulances. You can also hear birds chirping softly sometimes.
This is what the alfresco area looks like: